Saturday, 24 March 2012

Exercising in Nature Park

Jogging seems to be everybody mind when it comes to exercising? But is it so? I have started jogging to stay healthy. But do I usually run? Usually along the road side or if weather does not permits, will do it in the air conditioned gym... But as we get older, can we sustain the running But recently, found another form of exercise which I thought is good for all ages. That is hiking around the nature reserve. Just spend a few hours per hike, you will sweat it out and the air is so fresh... Do it in a group, you will be able to enjoy more. In the nature park, like in bukit timah hill, you will meet new friends. Some of them are alone and dare not walk around the jungle path. If they see another group, they join in.. The group will grow. In the nature park, u will see many things u don't see on the road. The important thing is you can do it regardless of your age.

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